Call of Dragons: The Best Heroes to Have Early in the Game

Call of Dragons player

Call of Dragons players looking for information about the most powerful heroes in the game can go to this web page However, the game is still in beta stage, so it’s still possible that developers may modify the abilities of some underperforming heroes in their in-game roles. Even if Farlight Games announced that the official global release date is on March 28, 2023 this could also change. Up to now, it’s still in the free-to-play beta mode in 4 countries: Canada, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore

There are actually a lot of heroes in the game with faultless computer graphics that make it easy to decide on the best heroes to invest on.
Most feedback commend the 3D rendering of this strategy game as excellent. The developers have created a fantastic world populated by different races who have to set up and build cities and fortresses amidst a fascinating 3D terrain.
Actually, beta players only have praises to say about the fantasy-like graphics created by developer Legou.

Not a few have also commented that it’s a better version of Farlight Game’s successful publishing of the Rise of Kingdom game. Call of Dragons players have to build an army of strong heroes and dragons to protect their village. That is why it’s important to have an idea of who are the best heroes. While readers of this post can have a bird’s eyeview of some of the heroes that can give the best gaming experience, the website’s extensive list is more comprehensive.

Hosk is undisputed as the most powerful hero of the game because of his good counter-attack skills and damaging abilities. However, he is a pay-to-win character and the only way to acquire him is to pay bundles.

Anyway, some of the best heroes free-to-win players find early in the game include the following:

Bakshi, a formidable cavalry commander with good attack and destroy skills while having a high level of survivability. He also has excellent peacekeeping skills that can get a player far in the early stages of the game.

Madeline is regarded by both free-to-play and pay-to-win gamers as the best infantry hero to have in Call of Dragons. While having a fair enough skill in dealing counter-attack damages, her strength is in absorbing damages that allow her to last longer than her opponent.

Gwanwyn is one of the most popular epic heroes as apparently she counts among the bests. She has awesome damage skills even if she is not an epic hero since it isn’t hard to level her up to the max.

Waldyr is a bankable epic hero for mage units free-to-play modes. Considered as one of the strongest, he has the ability to deal powerful Area of Effect (AOE) damages. In fact, the use of such skill buffs him up and sustains the damaging effects of his power.
The heroes aforementioned are some of the early favorites of free-to-play beta players. Readers can find more at the official Call of Dragons website.