Call of Dragons Game Guides: Experience Better Gaming Engagements

Call of Dragons (COD) players frequent the COD.Guide site because there are lots of guides for the game here and Lists of New and Expired Redemption Codes. After all, getting all active Promo Redemption Codes in one place is a great help as it eliminates the need to look for them in various social media COD posts.

The guides and the lists are important especially if one is just starting out and still undecided about the faction to join; There is the League of Order, the Wilderburg and the Springwardens.

Call of Dragons : Choosing a Faction

Prior to choosing a faction, be in the know that you that unlike its predecessor “The Rise of Kingdoms”, “Call of Dragons” features various changes that players can explore when discovering new experiences.

Although game developer Legou created this game as a mobile gadget entertainment on Android app, the best and most recommended way to enjoy this game is by way of a PC. However, players need to use an Android app emulator, not only to display excellent computer graphics. An Android app emulator will enable the player to access the game features and tools for enhancing the COD gameplay beyond its mobile device compatibility and capabilities.

The following are currently the factions available as choices for one’s COD quests and missions:

The League of Order

This faction is recommended for new players encountering difficulties in advancing and making significant progress in amassing resources and constructing on /e’s fortress. A League of Order farm account fares well in gathering as many resources, since the basic hero Waldyr can farm efficiently, which players can later add to their main account. Moreover, a startup player can have Gwanwyn as a formidable starting hero against dragon monsters that attack villagers and destroy buildings during Ps ‘ 1 I ‘Player versus Enemy (PVE) actions.

The Wilderburg

COD players new to the game and doing well with their resource gathering and building goals can achieve greater progress into the game by joining The Wilderburg faction. Rather than opt for League of Order’s basic hero Waldyr, the Wilderburg Faction gives Bakhar as starting hero.

Yet what is commendable about joining Wilderburg is that new players receive a +10% building speed bonus. As a Wilderburg you can have a 10% Building Engineering Bonus which allows you to construct right on the map with considerable speed, any building you choose to create.

On top of those empowering bonuses, a new Wilderburg will get a 3% boost in his legion physical attack.

The Springwardens

The Springwardens is for players whose goals go beyond resource gathering and building construction as the bonuses here are great for skilled COD players who constantly engage in Player versus Player (PVP) actions as end game. This faction endows seasoned members with March Speed, beneficial for rallying and attacking opponents. A 5% healing bonus is also of great importance especially for players who frequently engage in battles.